Reduce Food Waste

We ship fresh, imperfect produce & pantry items that would otherwise go to waste for up to 40% less than what you pay in stores.

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  • 💰 Save Every Week

    Cut your weekly grocery bill by up to 30%.

  • 🙌 Hassle-Free Shopping

    Skip trips to the store and tackle your list in just minutes.

  • 💚 Do Some Good

    Help fix our broken food system and build a more sustainable future.

  • 1. Funky sources high-quality, fresh produce from local farmers

  • 2. You choose the box that you like

  • 3. We deliver to your door Tue-Fri

Custom Orders

On our newly launched app you can pick exactly what you want and subscribe to it

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  • Shop pantry items (Funky bread, MilkLab..)

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The ugly problem

It can be expensive to eat healthy. Yet roughly 30% of the food grown in this country is thrown out because it can't be sold. That's where we come in.

The funny-looking solution

We take in the high-quality food that grocery stores would rather let go to waste. Then, we find everything a good home. Your home.